SECTION 747.2103. What must the activity plan include?  

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  • (a) Your activity plan must include at least the following:

    (1) A variety of creative activities that encourages the use of a child's imagination. Creative activities include dramatic play, block building, stories and books, science and nature activities, and music and art activities;

    (2) Outdoor play in which the children make use of both small and large muscles, both in the morning and afternoon;

    (3) A balance of active and quiet play, including group and individual activities both indoors and outdoors;

    (4) Regular meal and snack times as specified in Subchapter Q of this Chapter (relating to Nutrition and Food Service);

    (5) Supervised naptimes, or a period of rest for those children too old to nap;

    (6) A variety of:

    (A) Child-initiated activities, which are those activities that the child chooses on the child's own initiative, and that foster the child's independence. Child initiated activities require equipment, materials, and supplies to be within the reach of a child; and

    (B) Caregiver-initiated activities, which are those activities that are directed or chosen by the caregiver;

    (7) Sufficient time for activities and routines so that children can progress at their own developmental rate; and

    (8) No long waiting periods between activities or prolonged periods during which children stand or sit.

    (b) The activity plan may include screen time activities (T.V., videos, computer, or video games), if you also include alternative activities for children that do not want to participate.

Source Note: The provisions of this §747.2103 adopted to be effective September 1, 2003, 28 TexReg 1462; amended to be effective December 1, 2010, 35 TexReg 10266; amended to be effective April 15, 2017, 42 TexReg 1906; transferred effective March 9, 2018, as published in the Texas Register February 16, 2018, 43 TexReg 909