SECTION 463.28. Emergency Limited Temporary License  

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  • (a) The Board may issue an emergency limited temporary license to practice psychology if:

    (1) the Governor declares a disaster under §418.014 of the Government Code and issues a proclamation in accordance with §418.016 suspending regulatory statutes and rules which would prevent, hinder, or delay necessary action in coping with the declared disaster;

    (2) the Executive Director determines that enacting these emergency licensing provisions are necessary in that disaster area; and

    (3) the applicant meets the requirements set forth herein below.

    (b) An emergency limited temporary license issued pursuant to this rule will expire thirty (30) days after issuance or upon termination of the state of disaster, whichever occurs first.

    (c) An emergency limited temporary license issued pursuant to this rule is valid only for the practice of psychology within the disaster area designated by the governor.

    (d) To be eligible for an emergency limited temporary license to practice psychology, an applicant must:

    (1) submit an application on a board-approved form;

    (2) submit written verification that the applicant is actively licensed, certified, or registered as a psychologist, psychological associate, or specialist in school psychology and in good standing in another jurisdiction.

    (e) For purposes of subsection (d) of this section, the term "good standing" means there is not current disciplinary action on your out-of-state psychology license(s).

    (f) An emergency limited temporary license may be renewed for an additional thirty (30) day period if the disaster declaration has not expired or been terminated. To renew a license, an individual must submit a renewal application on a board-approved form on or before the license expiration date.

    (g) An individual practicing under an emergency limited temporary license must:

    (1) display a copy of his or her emergency limited temporary license in a conspicuous location when delivering psychological services, or provide written notification of the license number and instructions on how to verify the status of a license when obtaining informed consent;

    (2) provide notification to the public in a manner consistent with Board rule §469.2 of this title (relating to Public Complaint Notification Statement), that complaints can be filed with the Board; and

    (3) comply with all other applicable board rules.

    (h) There will be no fee associated with the application, issuance, or renewal of an emergency limited temporary license.

Source Note: The provisions of this §463.28 adopted to be effective December 18, 2018, 43 TexReg 8121