SECTION 354.3155. Orientation and Self-Assessment  

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  • (a) A peer specialist must complete required orientation before applying to participate in core training.

    (b) The orientation items are posted on the HHSC website and training entity websites.

    (c) The orientation items are completed through online modules, self-study, and a readiness assessment.

    (d) Orientation includes:

    (1) a self-assessment tool;

    (2) a description of peer specialist services;

    (3) a description of a peer specialist's typical workday;

    (4) employment demographics for peer specialists;

    (5) review of the background check requirements and other minimum qualifications to be certified under this chapter;

    (6) information about peer specialist careers;

    (7) information about the concept of recovery; and

    (8) the evidence base for peer support.

Source Note: The provisions of this §354.3155 adopted to be effective January 1, 2019, 43 TexReg 8573